So, you have booked a dance photoshoot session with me, exciting... but now what?

To get the best out of your time, here are a few things to consider before the day.

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1. Think about what you want to wear
There will be time for a couple of outfit changes during an hour photoshoot session but feel free to bring a larger selection.

Your outfits should fit with the styles of dance you will be doing (as well as being a good fit on you!). Adding a skirt can be a great way to show some movement in your images but I have a selection of colours of floaty chiffon for this.

Don't forget shoes. You may want most or all of your shots barefoot but some outfits will look great with a suitable pair of shoes. If you are en-pointe, bring broken in shoes, but not ones that are nearly dead.

If you are planning to wear them, don't forget tights (and some spare ones, just in case).

2. Positions

Planning in advance, a list of positions you want to shoot, will mean you get the most out of your time in the studio. Create a folder of saved images on your phone is a great way to do this. Plan to start with the easier ones.

Think about the positions that you are able to do really well and repeatedly. Often I will ask you to do the same thing multiple times to get the best images.

Don't worry if you can't hold a position for long, the camera and lights will freeze the moment in a tiny fraction of a second.

If you want ideas, you can look at images I've posted here, or on my instagram (@dance_imagery_uk) or browse Pinterest. It is useful if you can share any ideas with me in advance.

For an audition session, you should have a list of positions needed, please find this out in advance.

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3. Hair and makeup

For an audition session, it is usually best to keep your hair tied in a neat bun and makeup minimal. For creative sessions, go with what you feel comfortable in. It would be wise to bring hairbrushes, hairspray, spare bobbles, etc. and some makeup, in case you need a touch up.

4. Arrive early

I will usually be in the studio half an hour before our session starts, to set up and test lights and cameras. It is advisable for you to arrive around 20 minutes early to give yourself time to relax, warm up and stretch.

5. Have fun

I appreciate it is a little daunting being in front of a camera, especially for the first time. Most dancers I've worked with have been nervous to start with but left saying how much fun it was. As the session progresses you will feel more relaxed, which is why I suggest starting with the positions you find easiest. 

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